TOP SECRET MISSION                                                                  My BLOG 4 RED NOSE DAY :

                              "INVASION OF EUROPE"

(Continues to the BALKANS in 2011)


People are always saying "half full or half Empty" well lets make this mission half FULL and a GREAT..

MISSION TARGET :  Red  nose day(s) in the BALKANS…to MAKE PEOPLE SMILE by co-operating with :

YOU (contact for details of how to participate)

Liverpool FC – International supporters Club / European Union Networking via "Balkan REDS" / "E.L.s.U.N"

in association with;
16/17th March 2007…

Join the “RED NOSE INVASION OF Europe “

Wear a RED nose on the 18th march 2011  and link up with events in LIVERPOOL, London (BBC) and all over Europe
you can "warm up in GREEN on  the 17th – (St Paddys day) and party through...the week if you want.

 Join IN :-

RED NOSE games

RED NOSE football FUN (break the guiness book record?)

RED NOSE party (until your real nose goes red!)

RED NOSE dancing – sponsored all night & day 17th until 19th

RED NOSE costume party at your job...

(prizes for the best idea, event, costume, sponsor or dancer)


..the chance to meet  stars of  international football , film and music


its for the children
and....the most important is for the children

(still more than 20,000 children die daily from commercial or political mis-management , war, famine abuse & sickness, prejudice and /or neglect -  many more get damaged , abused or never get an equal chance to develop themselves in a fair society )

proceeds  go to a number of childrens charities (registered via fourm-mne!)

Contact: chris.smith via Mc5 (the "secret agent")    Or  "the team"